Body Mint Lady

Body Mint Lady

A Healthy Solution to Feminine Deodorant Protection

Ladies, finally…the feminine hygiene product we have all been waiting for, BODY MINT LADY. Body Mint Lady is specifically formulated to work with a woman’s body, and with the added benefits of soothing lavender, it will help you feel as fresh as a lady can be! Body Mint Lady is a dietary supplement that works naturally with your body to absorb odor causing compounds in the body before they can be released. Embarrassing feminine odors, as well as everyday body odors (underarm, breath, foot and perspiration) are now a thing of the past!

In addition to its odor absorbing properties, Body Mint Lady is packed full of antioxidants, high grade calcium and vitamin D, making it a healthy solution to smelling great.

We guarantee you will be happy with Body Mint Lady, which is as convenient as taking a daily vitamin! Just swallow a small green tablet with water daily, one in the morning and one in the evening, to get the best results. Free yourself of the time consuming, uncomfortable traditional ways of addressing feminine odors – no more feminine washes, sprays or clumpy powders!

How Body Mint Works


Product Features & Highlights

50 tablets per bottle

Proprietary formula made from a special derivative of chlorophyll

Made from healthy, green ingredients & contains no harmful chemicals

Contains Vitamin D, Calcium and Lavender

Works on Breath, Underarm, Perspiration, Foot and Feminine odors

Day and Night protection

Innovative and easy – just two tablets daily


Supplement Facts & Ingredients



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