Body Mint Original

Healthy Deodorant Protection For Body Odor & Bad Breath

Body Mint tablets work naturally to minimize everyday BODY ODOR, BAD BREATH and FOOT ODORS before they start, giving you the assurance that you still smell great long after your morning routine. Add Body Mint to your daily hygiene routine and forget those everyday worries and self-conscious moments. Whether you’re interacting with people at work, the gym, a social function or even at home, Body Mint will keep your breath and body smelling great day and night.

Body Mint is made from healthy, green ingredients and made from a specialized derivative of chlorophyll. It contains no harsh chemicals making it the perfect aluminum free deodorant, as well as an ideal healthy deodorant alternative. In addition, Body Mint works to target multiple sources of odor at the same time making it one of the most convenient odor solutions on the market today.

From Honolulu to New York, Body Mint has been helping people to smell fresh for well over a decade. Our customer reviews speak for themselves, and we are so confident that you’ll love Body Mint that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results we’ll refund you the cost of the bottle!


How Body Mint Works



Product Features & Highlights

60 tablets per bottle

Proprietary formula made from a special derivative of chlorophyll

Made from healthy, green ingredients & contains no harmful chemicals

Works on Body Odor, Bad Breath and Foot Odor

Day and Night protection

Innovative and easy – just two tablets daily


Supplement Facts & Ingredient List


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