Which Product Should I Choose?

 Body Mint Original

Tablets: 60
Chlorophyllin: 100mg
Formula: Standard
Daily Use: 2 tablets per day

Recommended: Body Mint is ideal for the everyday man or woman who is looking for a healthy solution to breath, body and foot odor protection. Whether at work, out on the town or just relaxing at home, Body Mint will keep you smelling great day and night.


Body Mint SPORT

Tablets: 54
Chlorophyllin: 110mg
Formula: Extra Strength
Daily Use: 2 tablets per day

Recommended: Body Mint SPORT is specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It’s Pro-Strength formula works under the toughest situations and has that extra kick to keep you smelling great both on and off the court. No matter the heat, sweat or stress, Body Mint SPORT is the ideal deodorant protection choice for those who take their workouts to another level.

Body Mint Lady

Tablets: 50
Chlorophyllin: 100mg
Formula: Female
Daily Use: 2 tablets per day

Recommended: Body Mint Lady is specifically formulated to work with a woman’s body, and with the added benefits of soothing lavender, it will help you feel as fresh as a lady can be. Embarrassing feminine odors, as well as everyday body odors are now a thing of the past.

In addition to its odor absorbing properties, Body Mint Lady is packed full of antioxidants, high grade calcium and vitamin D, making it a healthy solution to smelling great.

Additional Benefits: Vitamin D, Calcium and Lavender

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